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Chaos Dwarfs are HOT! Fires of Zharr-Naggrund hot! Sacrifice to the Temple of Hashut hot! Hotter than a thousand suns!

Oh, and they're also DARK! Not pussy dark like pointy-eared dark elves, or gothic wanna-be stinkin' vampires. I mean muscle-bound, hell raising, punch-your-momma-in-the-face-and-make-her-my-slave dark! Like black obsidian stained with the red glow of a thousand diabolic furnaces dark!

And did I mention they're tough? These guys eat Harley Davidson choppers for breakfast and an hour late crap out Hellcannons! Chaos Dwarfs let their children play in Mordor, and feed them apocalypse with a spoon. They make fake teeth out of kryptonite and nitroglycerin, or else drink through straws made of devastation.

The hardest thing about loving Chaos Dwarfs has always been managing to lay hands on them. Have you seen the Forge World Chaos Dwarf models? Blow your mind! But Forge World really hasn't made collecting them any easier - or anyway, not cheaper - their new models cost as much as collecting the old, out-of-print stuff. And, despite what you might read on other websites - which are no doubt written by prissy, pointy-eared, hairless and hatless gamers who have never managed to own or play a supreme Chaos Dwarf army.

Those old Fifth Edition models are really cool when painted up right. Forget everything you saw in the old White Dwarf mags. Those 'Eavy Metal painters did those models up like clowns, and they deserve a blunderbuss firing squad for trying to make Chaos Dwarfs the joke of the Old World. They'll get what's coming to them - a one-way trip through a Hellgrinder!

Core Units

In the Fifth Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, the "big hat" models were designed by renowned Games Workshop sculptor Alan Perry (Norman Swales contributed on some of the war machines). These models really gave the Chaos Dwarfs their own persona, and a brand new 64-page Warhammer Supplement was released in 1994 complete with the Fifth Edition Chaos Dwarf Army List and packed with background fluff, magic cards, a battle report, and 'Eavy Metal photography culled from White Dwarf magazines and put together into its cohesive format by Rick Priestley. In this edition, the Core Units consisted of:

  • Chaos Dwarf Warriors with great axes
  • Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses
  • Bull Centaurs
  • Hobgoblin Warriors
  • Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits
  • Hobgoblin Archers
  • Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
  • Orcs
  • Goblins
  • 0-1 Unit of Black Orcs

    This was a pretty cool list. The Orcs and Goblins were slaves, the Hobgoblins were not exactly elite slaves, but slightly more trustworthy in their role as slaves, and the ferocious Black Orcs were limited to no more than one unit, as appropriate for their fearsome nature. Then in 2000, the Ravening Hordes supplement changed the army list. Chaos Dwarf Warriors and Blunderbusses actually got cheaper, as did Bull Centaurs (though they now had only 1 Wound), and also Hobgoblins (Warriors, Archers, and Wolf Riders). However, Orc Boyz, Goblins, Black Orcs, and Sneaky Gits became Special Units. Worse yet, Bull Centaurs became a Rare Unit - and since the new Fifth Edition Earthshaker Cannon was also a Rare Unit, Bull Centaurs nearly went extinct in Warhammer gaming. The Chaos Dwarfs army list from Ravening Hordes was acceptable for tournament army lists for more than 10 years. Rule changes over the years altered game play, such as when lapping was removed, rendering Sneaky Gits obsolete, yet the army list was never officially updated. In 2011, Forge World revived Chaos Dwarfs by releasing a range of new resin models and publishing a Chaos Dwarf army list called "The Legion of Azgorh" in their book "Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos."

  • Special Units

    Special Units were introduced into the Chaos Dwarf army list in the Ravening Hordes Supplement of 2000. Ravening Hordes introduced rules for new models by Alan Perry and Norman Swales, including the Death Rocket (Special Unit) and the Earthshaker Cannon (Rare Unit). The Special Units choices from Ravening Hordes consisted of:

  • Orc Boyz
  • Goblins
  • 0-1 Units of Black Orcs
  • Sneaky Gits
  • Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
  • Death Rocket
  • Rare Units

    Rare Units were introduced into the Chaos Dwarf army list in the Ravening Hordes Supplement of 2000. Ravening Hordes introduced rules for new models by Alan Perry and Norman Swales, including the Death Rocket (Special Unit) and the Earthshaker Cannon (Rare Unit). The Rare Units choices from Ravening Hordes consisted of:

  • Bull Centaurs
  • Earthshaker Cannon
  • Chaos Dwarf Giants

    Unfortunately, the Juggernaut from the Third Edition Chaos Dwarf range did not make it into Fifth Edition. Also, the Mortar, Bazooka, Swivel Gun, Tenderizer, and Whirlwind models from Third Edition had no rules in the Fifth Edition army list. You can find these models below in the Custom and OOP Models section.

  • Lords, Heroes, and Special Characters

    Special characters were present in the Chaos Dwarf range as early as the Third Edition. The Fifth Edition included rules for the following Special Characters:

  • Zhatan the Black, Commander of the Tower of Zharr
  • Astragoth, High Priest of Hashut
  • Gorduz Backstabber, Hobgoblin Chieftain

    Astragoth even got his own model, sometime after the Chaos Dwarf Supplement was released. The Ravening Hordes Supplement did clear up and organize the Lords and Heroes sections considerably, and reduced the list of monsters available in the Fifth Edition to simply the Great Taurus and Lammasu, which are appropriate to the Chaos Dwarf mythology. The Lords choices from Ravening Hordes consisted of:

  • Chaos Dwarf Lord (may ride Great Taurus)
  • Sorceror Lord (may ride Lammasu)
  • Bull Centaur Lord

    The Heroes choices from Ravening Hordes consisted of:

  • Chaos Dwarf Hero (may be Battle Standard Bearer)
  • Chaos Dwarf Sorceror
  • Bull Centaur Hero (may be Battle Standard Bearer)
  • Hobgoblin Hero (may ride a wolf)

    In Fifth Edition, you may only include a Hobgoblin Hero if you have a unit of Hobgoblins in your army, but this rule disappears from Ravening Hordes. In Fifth Edition, your army General must be either a Chaos Dwarf Lord or Sorceror Lord. In Ravening Hordes, your General must be the character model (Lord or Hero) with the highest Leadership. A Ravening Hordes army list must contain at least one character model.

  • Custom and OOP Models

    Custom and out-of-print models may be "counted as" other entries in the Rare or Special lists; using the Forge World Chaos Dwarf army list called "The Legion of Azgorh" in their book "Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos"; or using your own house rules.

  • Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut
  • Chaos Dwarf Hellgrinder
  • Armorcast Cauldron of Blood
  • Chaos Dwarf Mortar
  • Chaos Dwarf Bazooka
  • Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun
  • Chaos Dwarf Tenderizer
  • Chaos Dwarf Whirlwind
  • Chaos Dwarf Leadbelcher
  • Chaos Dwarf Jugger Flamethrower
  • Chaos Dwarf Lava Spewer
  • Chaos Dwarf Slave Cart