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Here is my page devoted to the amazing Chaos Space Marines Death Guard models for Warhammer 40k. The strong will always enslave the weak. Where the strong make their own fate, the weak bow their heads and succumb. There are few who are strong and many are their enemies, and the greatest of those enemies is the false Emperor of Mankind. Chaos Space Marines are a versatile force. You can specialize your army such that you have a lot of fast troops, heavy assault, close combat experts, or even Daemons. Everybody loves Nurgle.

Chaos Lords are the most powerful of the Chaos Space Marines. With the genetic advantages of a Space Marine, millennia of combat experience, and the blessings of the Dark Gods, there are few more dangerous entities in the Galaxy. Chaos Lords are warriors who have within them the will, skill and strength to be the greatest of Mankindís heroes. Their tragedy is that they have chosen to be Mankindís greatest nemesis. A Chaos Lord may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as an HQ choice.

Chaos Space Marines in Terminator armor are capable of moving and firing with heavy weapons thanks to the bulky exoskeleton and powerful servos built into the armor. These benefits make a Chaos Lord in Terminator armor a foe to be feared. Chaos Lords in Terminator armor can be used as an HQ choice in your Chaos Space Marines army.


The Chosen are the elite of a Chaos Space Marine army. Drawn from the most experienced and capable warriors of the Traitor Legions, they have literally thousands of years of experience. These men have ruled planets, led armies and destroyed civilisations; they are the Chosen of the Chaos gods and the bane of all that lives. Chaos Chosen Terminators may be added to your Chaos Space Marines army as an Elite choice.

Obliterators have dwelt too long in the Eye of Terror and have contracted a contagion that sears their flesh to their armour. Marine and armour become one entity, growing down the centuries into hulking, weirdly baroque leviathans able to reshape their forms to spew death at their enemies. Obliterators are no longer even Chaos Space Marines. Rather, they are an amalgam of Marine, Daemon and Armour, each part inseparable from the rest. Chaos Obliterators may be added to your Chaos Space Marines army as an Elite choice.



Plague Marines are Space Marines who are sworn to the Chaos god of decay and pestilence - Nurgle. They have disgusting rotted bodies that stink of decay and their armour and weapons are pitted and corroded by putrid slime that oozes from their many sores, but they are still fearsome opponents. Their decaying brains are inured to the agony of their bodily corruption, making them all but immune to any pain caused by battle wounds. A Deathguard Squad may be added to your Chaos Space Marine army as a Troop choice.

Motivated by either a deep devotion to their infernal masters or an unquenchable lust for power, some Chaos Space Marines allow themselves to be possessed by Chaos Daemons. Each pact is different, but Chaos Space Marines never entirely give up their self-will and normally remain the master in the blasphemous symbiotic relationship. When the stench of blood is in the air, though, the Daemon within them is far more powerful and the Possessed become even more bestial. Possessed count as an Elites choice in your Chaos Space Marines army.






At the time of the Horus Heresy, the Adeptus Astartes made very limited use of jump packs. Those that escaped to the Eye of Terror with theirs were a rare breed who, after millennia swooping and soaring in the burning skies of Daemon Worlds, became a faction that cut across the boundaries of the Traitor Legions, unified by the thrill of the hunt. Down the centuries their equipment has mutated in the way of Chaos, fusing the original machinery with daemonic power. Now their battle cries are amplified to project a howling scream that drives their prey before them. Raptors may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as a Fast Attack choice.


Whilst in the Imperium the Dreadnought is a living icon venerating a great warrior from the past, in the Chaos Legions the Dreadnought is a symbol of the unending pain and torment of the damned. The occupants of these infernal sarcophagi are kept alive but are in constant howling agony. Inevitable insanity does not curb the pain and within each machine the Chaos Space Marine rages against the world outside, a terrifying and unpredictable beast that needs to be shackled when not in battle. A Chaos Dreadnought may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as a Heavy Support choice.


The Predators of the Chaos Legions are a legacy of pre-Heresy times, although now they are barely recognisable to those familiar with the Imperial version. Daemonic maws adorn every gun barrel, dark icons cover every surface and their hulls are twisted and mutated. A Chaos Predator may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as a Heavy Support choice.

For weeks before a fight, the hounds are penned up, starved and taunted so that when they are unleashed on the foe they are crazed, snarling killers. Only the largest and meanest hounds survive, which are more wolf than dog, and they hunger for flesh and blood. These natural predators are made all the more horrifying by the warping effect of Chaos, causing them to sprout horns, tusks and spines. Warhounds may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as equipment for your characters. A character may have up to 4 Warhounds.

Plaguebearers have distended, cyclopean faces that leer from atop famine-wasted frames and corpulent bellies, split from within by gushing organs. Dripping with unnatural excretions, the Maggotkin feel no pain, for they are every lingering death, every moment of delirium and fevered starvation. Plaguebearers may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as a Troops choice.


A creature which is visited by too many gifts of the Dark Gods eventually succumbs to madness and mutation and becomes a Spawn of Chaos. The fate of a Spawn is to die, either on the field of battle by axe or sword, torn apart in the wilds by even more savage creatures, or literally ripped asunder by the Chaos energy that continues to course through its twisted body. A Chaos Spawn may be included in your Chaos Space Marines army as equipment for one of your characters.


To the mortal eye, the Great Unclean One is the foulest of servants of the Ruinous Powers, appearing as a malformed being of weeping pustules and exposed, diseased organs; few men have the stomach, let alone the ability to oppose such a being. A Great Unclean One may be included in your Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines army as an HQ choice.