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  • April 22, 2008
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  • May 11, 2007
  • Here is the works-in-progress page for my ongoing Skaven army. I am primarily a hobbyist, love converting/assembling most of all, sculpting next, painting just a little, and finally gaming. I rarely paint, and game once every couple years. But I know the rules, love the game, and find the figures exciting. My plan for the Skaven was to have an army representing each of the major clans, although my tendencies towards Skryre will ensure that is the largest faction. I'll use the rules for Clan Eshin from the Storm of Chaos campaign, the Hell Pit army list from Warhammer Chronicles for Clan Moulder, the Bubonic Court of Nurglitch from the Lustria Campaign for Clan Pestilens, and the basic Skaven army book for Clan Skryre.

    Since I started this website more than a year ago, Games Workshop seems determined to make all of my efforts moot. You can no longer order individual bitz from their website, making my efforts to catalog the bitz which go into conversions practically useless. Almost all of the hobby articles and community content were removed from their website with the 2008 redesign, so instead of linking to the appropriate sections of their website, I am forced to reprint rules they have relegated to history. Hence, the links below go to the most readable version of the content I can find. All other content that was of value on the GW website, such as pictures of GW staff conversions, painting, etc. are regrettably lost, probably forever.

    So in no particular order, I'm going to attempt to describe each model I am working on. I will attempt to describe as completely as possible the concept, the parts that went into the conversion, and the work I did. I'll also try to identify the conversions to the rat ogres and giant rats using the pit fighting mutation lists from Games Workshop (which used to be available on their website until their new 2008 website rolled out) or from the Clan Moulder Pitfighter League at The UnderEmpire. If you haven't visited the UnderEmpire, it's a great source of ideas, fluff, articles, and even an online rpg.

    Regular rat ogres. But cooler than that.


    Rat ogres with a 5+ armor save and additional hand weapons? Awesome!



    Rat ogres with piston-driven pincers, warpfire throwers, warpstone-fueled buzzsaws, warpgoggles, and warpsalve-bonded Skryre contraptions of all shapes and sizes. Snip! Buzz! Schnikkt!




    Rat ogres that can be upgraded Moulder-style to be powerhouses, quadrupedal, resilient, have extra extremities, a brain transplant, or regeneration. These guys are a hoot!



    Giant rat ogres don't fit into any specific army list category. Depending on the base size, they could be used as as mutant rat ogres or Dogs of War giants (a rare choice in a Skaven army).


    These Skryre-themed jezzails are loaded down with tanks and cartridges to safely house the warpstone ammunition, large shields to cover both Skaven on the base, warpgoggles and sights for accurate aiming, and bayonets for repelling melee attackers. Lots of jezzails for a Shooty Army of Doom!




    Description to come.


    Warlock engineers welcome! Here are fantastic creations of destructive machinery brought to life by warpstoned minds.


    Description to come.

    Description to come.



    Description to come.