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This guy is great. I bought a Krieger "Krash" Thrax model for Inquisitor and used all the bitz in different conversions. This guy gets the left arm. Just needed a little sculpting: a mount for the warpfire thrower, some hair at the neck, and the tubes connecting the mechanical arm to the body. This guy may yet get a warpfire tank and warpgoggles. I was getting tired of using the Vermin Lord tail on all my conversions; I know that rat tails all look generally the same, but as a converter it gets boring. I have no idea what bit this tail started as, I think maybe a Tyranid bit, but it's a rat's tail now!

Parts list:

  • Classic Boneripper torso, GW Part Code: 9947020602002, $8.00
  • Krash Left Arm, GW Part Code: 9947139903303, $4.75
  • Krash Left Claw, GW Part Code: 9947139903306, $2.50
  • Steam tank pivot gun, GW Part Code: 9947020211734, $2.50
  • The tail is made from some chopped-up and filed-down Tyranid bit
  • Skaven Rat Ogres and Giant Rats, GW Part Code: 99120206005, $40.00 (for legs and head)
  • Green stuff (modeling putty), GW Part Code: 99219999005, $8.00
  • Sculpting tools for gap filling, hair, and tubes

    Pit fighting mutations: These are some possible mutations to use during rat ogre pitfighting, from the GW website.

  • Piercing knife hand: 25 gold
  • Crab claw arm: 60 gold
  • Razor sharp teeth: 25 gold
  • Corrosive vomit: 40 gold