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Ghoritch is a special character described in US White Dwarf 310. I wanted to recreate him faithfully so he would be recognizable. More than that, I wanted him to set the standard for all other augmented rat ogres. For example, no other rat ogres have two power claws, or more than three arms, or a larger backpack. I managed to recreate it almost exactly - only the tube on the front of the right arm and the hand crank on the lower back have slight differences (the tube because it's not a bit I can identify, the crank because it needs a mount to fit on the lower back). He still needs another hand crank on the right arm, and it looks as though the original Ghoritch has the broken horn filed down on the shoulder pad.

I don't know which came first, the White Dwarf presentation of Ghoritch or the conversion shown below by Master Moulder Phil Kelly. Here is Phil's description, to go with the picture of his painted model below, copied from the GW website (prior to its loss with the 2008 website redesign):

"This one goes by the name of Mark III and I went nuts on it. I was into the idea of a crab-like Rat Ogre with one massive claw and one smaller claw so it looked unbalanced and clunky. I spent a while on the interfaces between tattered flesh and bionics, and it really does look like bits have been hammered into the guy and riveted onto bone. And yes, it’s Ghazghkull’s claw, but with a few low-tech winches, valves, and tubes it doubles nicely as Clan Skryre techno-madness."
Phil's model is very similar to the White Dwarf Ghoritch, using just a different head and maybe a different pose for the hand on the third arm. It could be that the GW staff reproduced his model, or that it was modified between publications.

Parts list:

  • Boneripper body, GW Part Code: 9947020605503, $7.00
  • Boneripper legs, GW Part Code: 9947020605505, $5.00
  • Rat ogre head 3, GW Part Code: 9947020606306, $3.00
  • Ghazghkull's left arm, GW Part Code; 9947010309210, $4.00
  • Ghazghkull's claw, GW Part Code: 9947010309208, $2.00
  • Warlock engineer backpack 1, GW Part Code: 9947020606205, $3.00
  • Globadier backpack, GW Part Code: 9947020600704, $1.75
  • Ork nob power claw arm, GW Part Code: 9947010308210, $2.00
  • Ork mega armour power claw blade 2, GW Part Code: 9947010308209, $1.00
  • 2x Ork dreadnought accessory sprue 1, GW Part Code: 9947010307701, $2.00 (need two of the hand crank)
  • Green stuff (modeling putty), GW Part Code: 99219999005, $8.00
  • Sculpting tools for chainmail, straps and wrappings, leg armor, and gap filling

    Pit fighting mutations: These are some possible mutations to use during rat ogre pitfighting, from the GW website.

  • Crab claw arms (x2): 60 gold each
  • Internal chest overhaul: 120 gold
  • Extra arm: 50 gold
  • Reduced pain receptors: 70 gold
  • Focused adrenaline gland: 25 gold