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By this time, I had figured out that I was going to do some giant rat ogres for Dogs of War giants. At first, I didn't know whether to try to keep them more in scale with the other rat ogres, but why limit myself? I had some bitz from one of the Giants of Albion - painted, as you can see - I was too lazy to strip it, figuring that it will mostly get sculpted over. To get a decent pose to the legs, I had to completely resculpt the hips. To get the broader shoulders and narrow waist of the rat ogres, I'll completely resculpt the torso, and probably make it mostly hairy so as not to resemble the giant from whence it came.

Parts list:

  • Albion giant Catchtorr, GW Part Code: 99110214053, $50.00 (for body and legs)
  • Skaven Rat Ogres and Giant Rats, GW Part Code: 99120206005, $40.00 (for arms)
  • Rat ogre head 3, GW Part Code: 9947020606306, $3.00
  • Green stuff (modeling putty), GW Part Code: 99219999005, $8.00
  • Sculpting tools and lots of patience!

    Pit fighting mutations: These are some possible mutations to use during rat ogre pitfighting, from the GW website.

  • Razor sharp claws: 25 gold
  • Thickened skull: 20 gold
  • Muscle mass increase: 60 gold
  • Strengthened legs: 20 gold