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Here is another of the humungous jezzails from the classic line that I love so much. I decided not to mess with this one, since it's a good model. I put the shield right on the loader figure so that he can still hold his sword, and plan on adding some rope or chain to make it clear how the shield stays on him. Not the smartest place to put a shield, since you'll get knocked over the first time you get hit, but these are Skaven after all.

The thing that makes this model unique is that the loader gets the warpgoggles instead of the gunner. I spent a lot of time filing off the rodent's face so that the sensors would sit directly on top of his nose and look like eyes. I sculpted hair over the join. The large side sensor gets the warpgoggle effect. I liked this so much that I thought about doing it to more loaders, but I decided to save it for the warlock lords instead.

Parts list:

  • Classic Skaven jezzail gunner 1, GW Part Code: 9947020601201, $7.00
  • Classic Skaven jezzail rest 1, GW Part Code: 9947020601202, $4.00
  • Micro Art Studios Mystic Bases, 25x25mm, SKU: BB07S02A, €4.88 for 5 bases
  • Skaven jezzail shield 1, GW Part Code: 9947020606405, $2.50
  • Steel Legion Sentinel Sensors, GW Part Code: 9947010515104, $1.00
  • Guitar wire, plastic rods, strips and sheets
  • Green stuff (modeling putty), GW Part Code: 99219999005, $8.00
  • Sculpting tools