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This collector's model gets a longer, but fairly uninteresting gun barrel made from the warp lightning cannon sight. It could probably use a little pizzazz. Instead of a bayonet, it has a (supposedly) revolving blade. I went a little overboard with the rivets, but I had made a bunch of extras and wanted to use them all. The shield I had planned for another project, hence the cutout, and thought it might be a good rest for the gun, but there was no combination of bases which made it impossible to get the shield bearer underneath the gun barrel, so it ends up being off to the side. It's not clear why the cutout exists in the shield as a result, which is my main complaint about this model. I did get to put on two warpgoggles, though, and they look positively evil.

Parts list:

  • Collector's Skaven warpfire thrower gunner 2, GW Part Code: 9947020607707, no price available on website
  • Skaven jezzail loader 1, GW Part Code: 9947020606403, $4.25
  • Plastic cog from an old clock (shield)
  • Micro Art Studios Mystic Bases, 25x25mm, SKU: BB07S02A, €4.88 for 5 bases
  • Skaven warp lightning cannon sight, GW Part Code: 9947020605401, $3.00 (gun barrel)
  • Dark Elf Chariot Wheel Scythe, GW Part Code: 9947021205009, $1.00
  • Flame Cannon Gauges, GW Part Code: 9947020508706, $1.50
  • Doomwheel warpstone generator, GW Part Code: 9947020600208, $2.50
  • Guitar wire, plastic rods, strips and sheets
  • Green stuff (modeling putty), GW Part Code: 99219999005, $8.00
  • Sculpting tools