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Jezzail teams are a special unit choice in a normal Skaven army and the Storm of Chaos Clan Eshin army list; a core choice in the Skryre army list (Warhammer Armies: Skaven, page 77); a rare choice in the Eshin, Pestilens, or Moulder army lists (from Warhammer Armies: Skaven); and is not allowed in the Bubonic Court of Nurglitch army list (Warhammer Realms: Lustria) or the Clan Moulder Hell Pit army list (White Dwarf 310).

Jezzails are fielded in units of 3-10. Although they already have a pavise bearer, jezzails are the perfect ranged weapon to be used behind a mantlet or atop a firing platform. Here are links to the GW website:

These Skryre-themed jezzails are loaded down with tanks and cartridges to safely house the warpstone ammunition, large shields to cover both Skaven on the base, warpgoggles and sights for accurate aiming, and bayonets for repelling melee attackers. They are all based on the Mystic bases by Micro Art Studio which is the principal base I use for Skryre units. I used two of the 25mm square bases, glued to plasticard and gap-filled with modeling putty. The variety in bases, especially those with differing heights, really allowed me to create a diverse looking bunch of figures.

This is one of my favorite jezzail teams because I mounted them sideways to the base to enhance the skirmishing aspect of these units. I also really like the large shield, which is wider but not as tall as others, and has a nice curvature. It was hard deciding how to decorate the front of the shield, though, and I can't guarantee that it's finished.

Typical of the conversions on the Skryre jezzails, the gunner gets the warp-enhanced optics, sights, etc. while the lowly slave shield bearer does not. The warplock jezzail has a warpstone condensor to irradiate the ammunition as it is loaded into the gun for maximum effect. I'm not sure this one is complete, as it still lacks any sort of bayonet or shield spikes. I may also add rivets around the edge of the shield and carve it up a little to represent disrepair.

The guitar wire adds character (I hope) without being "bitzy" - sometimes having too many little pieces sticking out from what is otherwise a cohesive one-piece sculpt stretches the suspension of disbelief necessary for these guys.

This is a nice, straightforward jezzail based off the 6th edition models. It is a more vertically- oriented model, with the shield rising up high to protect the gunner. The tanks and bayonet hang low, also contributing to the narrow, tall appearance.

Typical of the conversions on the Skryre jezzails, the gunner gets the warp-enhanced optics, sights, etc. while the lowly slave shield bearer does not. The warplock jezzail has a double warpstone condensor to irradiate the ammunition as it is loaded into the gun for maximum effect. The cross atop the sight is a little extra, not really part of the sight or anything else. The shield is a little fragile on this model, but I love the bayonet. The gunner must be possessed of warpstone-enhanced strength to heft that long jezzail loaded up with tanks and a huge bayonet!

Another conversion based off the 6th edition jezzail models. The gunner has what I affectionately name "warpgoggles" while the lowly slave does without. I used up all a tanks from the Chimera sprue and a guage from the flame cannon sprue to Skryre-ize it, and a bayonet and shield spike to Skavenize it further. I think I need to put some dents in the too-perfect shield, although I'm debating leaving it clean to attempt a larger-area rust effect in the painting process.

More 6th edition jezzail models, with a warpgoggle-wearing gunner and table-bearing loader. It would have been easier to go to the goblin shield sprue for a wooden shield, but I happened to have this table on the workbench so it got chopped up for a shield. This is the only gun that has a shielded post which runs the guitar wire "hose" out from the gun. I'm not sure what that is doing there, or the hose either. If you look at the other models, the hoses go from the warpstone tanks to the area where the cartridge is loaded. This hose goes from the gun barrel to the sight. Maybe he is watching the bullet pass by as it exits the gun barrel.

Finally, a jezzail model that makes use of the classic figures. I had to bend the arm on the loader (called the jezzail rest in the classic figure line) and cut off the sword to allow him to hold the shields. I sculpted a handle over what was left of the sword in his hand. I also had to shave off the Brettonian arms on the backs of the shields. Well, I didn't have to, but I did anyway. I really like the older massive jezzails, and this conversion is one of my favorites. I added the extra barrel (or sight, whatever), and then drilled holes all the way through the barrel to run the guitar wire in loops which turned out great. I also added a few plastic rings on the wire which look like weird electrical insulators.

Back to the standard 6th edition models, warpgoggles, warpstone condenser on the gun, bayonet and shield spike, and so on. Nothing really special about this one, except that I switched the loader to a slave model who holds the shield at the end of a stick. Conceptually, this would allow him to set it down and prop it up with the stick. It also allows the jezzail to rest on the support, which you don't generally see with my conversions because of the bases I chose, but you see the shield is off the ground so I guess I'm still okay.

Here is a good mix of a collector's series model with a 6th edition loader. I went with a different warpstone condenser tank for the gun, and put the bayonet right on the end of it. Of course, if you used the bayonet you would probably puncture the tank, but these are Skaven after all. The collector's guns weren't equipped with scopes, so I added one. The biggest problem with using the collector's gunners is that the gun barrel is shorter, so it doesn't allow enough space between the gunner and the loader. You have to find a way to extend the gun to make the proper spacing of the figures look natural.

This was a good conversion in almost every respect, but just doesn't live up to its full potential. I added something cool, not sure what to call it, to the gun barrel which I made by carving up some bits off the chaos vehicle accessory sprue. In some views, you'll see I added two posts with a wire between them. This wire is unravelled off a metal guitar string and wrapped around posts of plastic rod. It looks great, and is modelled off the drawings in the Skaven army book (just look at the weapon on the cover), but if I had put it anyplace but the bottom you would actually be able to see it. It was also difficult, so I didn't do this on any other conversions yet.

The warpstone condensor tank on this one is also perfect. I used the gubbins on a number of conversions, but this is my favorite, and my favorite tank on any conversion so far. It fits snug under the barrel and is round like a death globe. I didn't need any guitar wire hoses to make this look good.

I like the shield made from the Defiler front pincer armor better than the one in jezzail #3, which was made from the Defiler rear leg plate covers. The angled sides are big enough to accept Skaven emblems, so I don't have the feeling that the shield is too big or needs battle damage. It also conveniently is shorter in the middle, allowing our shield bearer to poke his head out.

Finally, the pose of this model is exactly what I had envisioned when I started, with the gunner elevated slightly above the shield bearer to get a better line-of-sight to the target. Choosing which gunner to accompany which loader on which combination of bases was very difficult, and most others did not end up looking as good in my opinion. The legs of both models usually required repositioning, and the bases themselves needed some work to accomodate them. The models often ended up uneven or not level, requiring sculpting. The shields generally went on last to attempt to fit to the models and bases.

This collector's model gets a longer, but fairly uninteresting gun barrel made from the warp lightning cannon sight. It could probably use a little pizzazz. Instead of a bayonet, it has a (supposedly) revolving blade. I went a little overboard with the rivets, but I had made a bunch of extras and wanted to use them all. The shield I had planned for another project, hence the cutout, and thought it might be a good rest for the gun, but there was no combination of bases which made it impossible to get the shield bearer underneath the gun barrel, so it ends up being off to the side. It's not clear why the cutout exists in the shield as a result, which is my main complaint about this model. I did get to put on two warpgoggles, though, and they look positively evil.

Here is another of the humungous jezzails from the classic line that I love so much. I decided not to mess with this one, since it's a good model. I put the shield right on the loader figure so that he can still hold his sword, and plan on adding some rope or chain to make it clear how the shield stays on him. Not the smartest place to put a shield, since you'll get knocked over the first time you get hit, but these are Skaven after all.

The thing that makes this model unique is that the loader gets the warpgoggles instead of the gunner. I spent a lot of time filing off the rodent's face so that the sensors would sit directly on top of his nose and look like eyes. I sculpted hair over the join. The large side sensor gets the warpgoggle effect. I liked this so much that I thought about doing it to more loaders, but I decided to save it for the warlock lords instead.

Another straightforward 6th edition conversion with warpstone condensor tank, extra barrel, and bayonet. In lieu of the shield spike, I went for a damaged look. This one is unique because the gunner has his own tank of warpstone gas to power his warpgoggles. It's something I would do more often if I could find a slightly smaller bit that would still look appropriate with a guitar wire hose. I've been making small spheres out of green stuff for the globadiers, and some may find themselves on the backs of jezzail gunners instead.

This collector's series model turned out quite well. The gunner had two warpgoggle eyepieces, and the shield slave has a homemade shield with two riveted armor plates on it that are quite eye-pleasing. Unlike jezzail #9, this one gets the part of the warp lightning cannon sight with the actual sight, so is interesting to look at. The chariot spike bayonet is also a winner, and with the hose coming out of it, looks like some kind of power tool. My only minor regret is that I left too much stem on the gubbins serving as the tank. After seeing jezzail #8, I wish I had moved the globe right up under the gun barrel.

What's next:
I've got a couple more things to do with these, such as possibly adding warpstone tanks to more gunners, adding battle damage to some shields, etc. but for the most part they are finished.